1.  To increase the skill level of the Payroll Professional through education.  

2.  To promote and enhance the image of the Payroll Professional throughout the city of Sioux Falls, SD 
              and the surrounding area.

3.  To provide Payroll Professionals with networking opportunities and to provide a forum for 
              the effective exchange of payroll knowledge, trends and ideas.

4.  To promote the highest standards of professional practice and payroll ethics. 

5.  To provide quality resources to area employers.

6.  To promote the beneficial activities of the National American Payroll Association.

                                                              --Per the by-laws of the Siouxland Chapter-- 

​        To view the full by-laws of the Siouxland Chapter click here.

      ------------  Siouxland Chapter Officers -------------

President -
    Monique Vanden Heuvel

Vice President -
    Jami Scoggins, FPC

Treasurer – 
    Anamarie Al Shaikhli

Secretary -  
    position open! 

Membership Chair -  
    position open! 

Education Chair - 
    Barbi Roberts

Website/Social Media Chair –
    position open!

       ------------ Board Meeting Notes ------------